You will take only the very best gluten free to your tables.

We supply professional kitchens with the excellence of our products, organic and non-organic, all gluten free.

Processing selected raw materials and a prompt response to the different needs of our customers are our strengths. Thanks to them we guarantee the professional kitchens that choose us a service that satisfies and meets the expectations of their customers.

Leading the production process, the Research and Development department aims at achieving the right balance between taste, wholesomeness and ease of use of the final product and ensure the best results for the customer.

Availble in different sizes, ranging from 1 kg to 25 kg, the product is managed according to costumer’s requests, ensuring an adequate logistic service. 

We’d like to think that tasting our products brings a smile on people’s faces.

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The history of mill began in 1930. It’s a history shaped by tradition, passion and innovation. only gluten free products. Simple ingredients to make unique your recipes!