We help the soil give its very best, naturally and respectfully.

Good, healthy and safe: these are the exceptional values of our organic gluten free Maize Flour.

The growing sensitivity to environmental issues and the informed consumption of food that is more natural, organic and healthy, have pushed us to develop a line of products with these certified characteristics, obviously gluten free.

It has been demonstrated that the nutritional value of organic products is often higher than that of conventional ones.  Moreover, the complete absence of chemically synthesised substances and GMO, the lower environmental impact and the higher amount/greater presence of antioxidants make these foodstuffs safer, healthier, tastier and more sustainable.

We guarantee the excellence of our organic, gluten-free products throughout the production process, from selecting and preparing the soils to the delivery of the finished product to your table or company.

By carrying on doing what we have always done we rediscover the old flavours that come from the most natural farming methods.

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The history of mill began in 1930. It’s a history shaped by tradition, passion and innovation. only gluten free products. Simple ingredients to make unique your recipes!