Video tutorial Bel paese Mix®: goodness has never been so simple

How many times have you used a preparation with disappointing results? And how many times have you fall back on poor mixtures to “easily” get something eatable? To say goodbye to low quality mixes and no longer feel a landslide in the kitchen, we have thought of two simple solutions: a line of mixes composed of excellent and perfectly calibrated flours and the right advices on how to use them. On one side, we offer you our preparations, which are the best because we do them from scratch. Thanks to the line Bel Paese Mix® La Veronese®, we know that we give you only raw materials of the highest quality. On the other side, we suggest some video tutorials to support you making bread, pizza, pasta and desserts as you have always wanted to, with the certainty to bring genuine and fragrant products to your table. 

Try our Mixes and have fun in the kitchen while watching our tutorials!

Mix for Bread and Pizza (Bread);

Mix for Bread and Pizza (Pizza);

Mix for Piadina (flat bread);

Mix for Fresh Pasta;

Mix for Gnocchi;

Mix for Sweets;

Mix for Cocoa Sweets.



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