Gluten Free

The whole production of our company is gluten free oriented, to meet the needs of a growing market that demands certainties.

Every year the number of children and adults who discover to suffer from celiac disease grows of the 10% only in Italy, without taking into consideration the many people with different degrees of gluten sensitivity.
For this reason and attentive to the needs of clients, we have decided to address all the production technology, the organizational philosophy and the strict quality controls on the company and the whole production chain to the offer of gluten free products.

We have further developed our knowledge and enhanced the long experience in corn and rice milling, not only to obtain products appetizing for all the people, but also useful to the food processing companies.

In constant change resides the natural evolution of what we have always been.

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The history of mill began in 1930. It’s a history shaped by tradition, passion and innovation. only gluten free products. Simple ingredients to make unique your recipes!