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Tasty, healthy and innovative, from organic or conventional agriculture, all gluten-free: designed for you.

Goodness without gluten, as it’s always been.

The history of Mill began in 1930. 
It’s a history shaped by tradition, passion and innovation.

La Veronese comes from the past but is led by a modern generation of millers whose entrepreneurial idea is based both on sharing with suppliers and the capacity to respond with dynamism to the customer’s needs.

Gluten Free

The whole production of our company is gluten free oriented, to meet the needs of a growing market that demands certainties.



It is, as always, with passion and commitment that we form strong relations with dedicated suppliers and develop gluten-free products, certain to offer our customers a dynamic and accurate service.



We supply professional kitchens with the excellence of our products, organic and non-organic, all gluten free.



The history of mill began in 1930. It’s a history shaped by tradition, passion and innovation. Only gluten free products. Simple ingredients to make unique your recipes!